What Is Accoya?

Accoya long life treated wood is the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability. No other timber can offer this combination of stability, durability and versatility. This modified wood is sustainably sourced with FSC® certification and it has minimal environmental impact throughout its entire life; from production, through its use, right the way to the end of its life.

Accoya starts life as a fast-growing pine tree (Pinus radiata) grown in managed forests. The pine tree is harvested once it reaches maturity at around the 30 year mark. It’s at this point its journey isn’t the same as other timber. We introduce the raw timber to a modification process as a plank or beam, the so-called acetylation process using acetic acid. This process creates extremely dimensionally stable and durable wood.

Hennessy Offsite has an extensive portfolio of completed projects in decking, cladding and bespoke timber projects in homes and businesses throughout Ireland and has developed a reputation for its consistency in delivering high quality products.

Hennessy Offsite offers Accoya products for cladding and decking projects to residential and commercial customers throughout Ireland.

Accoya can be supplied in any shape or size, specific to your project, Accoya can also be provided primed and coated to arrive on site ready to install.

We offer a supply only option and also a supply and install option.

View our Accoya project on the Accoya website here.

350 metre architecturally designed Accoya Railing supplied and fitted by HTG, 2019.